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Monday, August 22, 2011

Couponing 101: Tips and Tricks

Couponing is becoming more and more popular as people start looking for ways to cut their expenses and save more money. They see people on TV getting huge amounts of products for next to nothing!

Them paying next to nothing is not exactly true- they have to pay for the coupons. They have to buy the news paper, or buy mass amounts of a particular coupon, or for the die  hard ones dumpster dive.

Here is my best advice if you want to coupon and have a normal amount of products in your house-nothing extreme. Just buying what you would normally buy only saving a lot of money while doing it. I get one paper every week- that is all you need for a family of 1-3, if you have a larger family maybe 2 papers, but that's all you need trust me! I bought a subscription to my local paper $20 for 20 weeks, which is half the cost of buying the Sunday paper in a store every week.

Another tip is to make a list of all the products that you love or would want to try. If there are products that you do not like- there is no need to buy them even if there is a good sale. It is easy to get carried away. I like one type of toothpaste- it normally costs upwards of $5, I could get 10 tubes of cheaper toothpaste each week for completely free- but I do not see the point. I wait until the brand I like is on sale where I can get it free or next to free then buy 2-3 tubes of it to last me until the next sale.

Be willing to try new stores- I was dead set against using coupons at the drug stores, but now I do and in this year alone this is what I have been able to do:
  • CVS I have paid $21.52 for $155.37 worth of products and gotten $36.04 in rewards back
  • Rite Aid I have paid $58.46 for $346.71 worth of products and gotten $70.76 in rewards back
  • Walgreens I have paid $30.50 for $102.86 worth of products and gotten $7.99 in rewards back

If you every see a coupon for B1G1-save it, drugstores have B1G1 sales all the time and pairing the sale with this coupon will mean 2 products for free!

If you have a B1G1 coupon and a coupon for $1 or some other amount off,  you can use both coupons when purchasing 2 products to save more money. Always check your stores coupon policy to be sure!

Couponing 101 is now going to be a weekly post-if you have any questions for me be sure to leave a comment and I will answer you right away!

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