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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do you use Kindle to read books?

You do not actually have to have a Kindle to read books, you can download them on any of these devices!
Kindle for the iPod/iPhone
Kindle for the PCKindle for the MACKindle for the BlackberryKindle for Android
Kindle for Windows 7
Kindle for iPad

You can also go here and find free books to download as well.

Thanks for the list Kristin!

Social Saturday

Since Valentines Day is 2 days away, I figured for this weeks Social Saturday I would let you know of some of the great dining out deals a few restaurants have going on!

P.F. Chang’s
  • Four-course Valentine’s dinner for two for $39.95
  • Including (1) Appetizer, (2) Soups or Salads, (2) Entrees, and (2) Mini-desserts
  • Click HERE for more details

Outback Steakhouse
  • Sweetheart Meal for 2 for only $34.99
  • Including: (1) Bloomin’ Onion, (2) 9oz Outback Special Sirloins, Choice of Freshly Made Side & Signature Salad Per Person, and (1) Classic Cheesecake
  • Valid during Valentine’s Weekend Feb 11 – 14
  • Click HERE for more details.
Caribou Coffee

Go here and print out a coupon good at Caribou Coffee for BOGO Free Beverage!

Thanks Devon and Alecia

Friday, February 11, 2011


Just a reminder, use Swagbucks! It is a google search engine and you get "paid" to search.

For every few internet searches you do, you win Swagbucks which can be cashed in for prizes:

450 swagbucks will get you $5 giftcode to this will take roughly a month or less depending on how often you search, that could mean $60 each year for searching the internet!

If you haven't yet, sign up here, and make swagbucks your homepage so you remember to use it to search!

Financial Friday

This weeks post on Financial Friday has to deal with when to finance certain purchases.

You hear all the time about Furniture Stores offering no payments and no interest for so long, but you think it is a scam or too good to be true. This kind of Financing, in my opinion, is an excellent choice. You are not paying any extra money, yet you can spread out your payments over a few months or a year. If you already have the cash set aside to buy a new couch for example you could keep that money in your checking or savings account and let it grow interest while you make interest free payments over a set amount of time.

Also be careful, just because you do not have to make any payments for a few months or a year does not mean that the day won't come where you do have to pay. Take the time you have without payments to put money aside. I will always pick quality over price when it comes to big ticket items, because you want something that will last a long time not something that looks nice for just the time being.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

So I have been trying to figure out what I want to talk about every thursday, and I think the best idea is to show you how well I am doing at Rite Aid shopping! I will start with last weeks deal of a pre-savings total of $65.97 and I paid $.8.89. $19.52 of wellness+ card savings and $37.56 of coupon savings. 

This is what I bought:
4 boxes of Special K cereal- B1G1 rain check + B1G1 coupon= 4 for free
1 Finish Quantumatic dishwsher kit- $10.99 on sale for $3.99 used $3off coupon+$1 off riteaid coupon= $0
1 Tilex-$3.69 on sale for $2- used $1 off coupon= $1
4 Stayfree packages- $3.99 each on sale B1G1 used 2 B1G1 coupons=4 for free
2 KY's-$5.69 each- B1G1 1/2off plus 2 $3 coupons=$2.53 and I got back $5 in Up rewards.
Plus I used $4 off $20 purchase coupon from Rite Aid

We will call that week 1.
Total amount of products bought= $65.97
Total out of pocket= $8.89
Total amount of Rite aid Up rewards= $5

So this week (week 2) I had my $5 off purchase from buying the KY last week.
I bought:
2 Finesse shampoo's- 2/$6- get back $5 in Up rewards
1 box of rice krispies-$1.99- get back $1 in Up rewards
Total=$8.63, used $5 in up rewards paid $3.63 got back $6 in Up rewards

So as it stands now after 2 weeks:
Total amount of products bought=$73.96
Total amount out of pocket=$12.52
Total amount of Up rewards=$11
Total Up rewards for next week=$6

Too cute!

This was too cute not to post!

Go here to get these wooden number magnets for $1.49 shipped!

Thanks Because Cheaper is better

So the new thing is daily deal group sites such as Groupon, Mamapedia, Gilt City, Plum District, Tippr, BuyWithMe, Living SocialEversave and more!

But who wants to search through all of those sites everyday or have all of those emails to go through everyday?

The solution is DealLeak!

Basically this site lists all of the Daily deal sites in one place. You type in your zip code and it pulls up all of your local deals as well as the national deals. Then you can click on the deal you want and it takes you right to the site to order!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tomorrow I'm going to cook up a storm!

So as of right now I have tomorrow off! (Yeppie!) And I need to use up my produce from the produce junction!

So the cooking plan for tomorrow is:
Apple sauce (recipe to follow)
Apple Crisp (recipe to follow)
My chili (recipe on the blog)
Corn bread made with creamed corn- yum!
Sweet potatoes and yukon gold potatoes

Sweet potatoes will be made into sweet potato suffle at some point. And yukon golds will be used to make potato skins and skillet potatoes :)

In a land without a dishwasher...

How have I survived over 5years without a dishwasher...I have no idea! Since I do not have one I have to buy dish soap and do the dishes myself (ugh!). So how do I do this on the cheap?

Honestly dish soap is not very expensive. A $1 bottle of dawn soap would probably last a few months. But I prefer the foaming dish soap. So here is what I do, I buy the dawn soap when its free with a coupon, which is all of the time! And I do a 4:1 ratio of water to soap in the Dawn foaming dish soap bottle. This gives me the same results as buying the Dawn foaming bottles over and over, plus its basically free, makes the dish soap last even longer and it is super easy :)

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CVS $5deals

So last week I stopped by CVS because they had scrubbing bubbles aersol cleaning on sale for $2/5- normal price of $4.79. I also had a $2off coupon, making it just 50cents, which is obviously amazing!

So besides the Scrubbing bubbles I bought:
Dawn dish soap-free with $1 off coupon
V05 shampoo- on sale for 77 cents
Fundip 24 back- for $2.50 ( I am a fundip lover!)

Not sooo bad for $4.31!

Valentines Day is coming...

V-day is coming! Have you bought your special someone anything yet?

Be sure to check out: Amazon & Overstock for some great last minute gifts!

I will be spending my Valentines Day working 14 hours, how lucky! is offering their $25 gift certificates for just $2 when you use the code LOVE at checkout.
The code will work from now until February 14th.

I have bought one of these as a gift before,for a restaurant in Lake George and it worked out perfectly!

* Just make sure you read the fine print for the restaurant you want to try. Most have date and time restrictions.

Tidy Tuesday

This Tidy Tuesday we will talk about quick things you can do everyday, or at least a few times a week to keep your bathroom looking great in 2minutes!

-Wipe out the sink with a clorox wipe
-Clean splatters off the mirror
-Wipe the toilet seat and rim
-Swoosh/quick scrub the toilet bowl with a brush
-Spray the shower and curtain liner with a shower cleaner

I am a huge fan of the scrubbing bubbles toilet gel and the scrubbing bubbles shower cleaning spray- I use it everyday as soon as i get out of the shower keeps it sparkling!

3 Bagels!

Head over here and like Brueggers for 3 free bagels today!

Thanks Crystal

Monday, February 7, 2011

Finding coupons

Sure, we all know that we can find coupons in the sunday paper. But what about in other locations?

Facebook? Yep! "Like" your favorite brands and watch for giveaways and coupons. I have gotten coupons for free hair dye, shampoo, mascara, food products and more. Just for being a facebook fan!

Company websites? Absolutely- you usually do not even need to be on their email mailing lists.

Grocery store websites? Yes, their coupons are usually manufacturer coupons which can be used anywhere.

Also check out the big 3 coupon sites and

*I recommend having a separate email address for sites that you sign up on. This way your main inbox isn't full and you can look for certain emails when you need them.

Produce Junction!

One of my favorite things to do when I'm in Pennsylvania is go to the produce junction! The prices are at least half that of my grocery store here in NY.

For $30 we got:
A pint of strawberries
3lbs of small oranges
6lbs of mac apples
5lbs of bananas
10lbs of yukon gold potatoes
5lbs of yams
5lbs of spanish onions
1 pack of 6 heads of garlic
1lb of challots
4lbs of mushrooms
3lbs of button mushrooms
3lbs of plum tomatoes
1 loaf of amazing french bread
1 huge bag of spinach!

Everything is fresh and super tasty... A produce junction is worth stopping in to see!

Manic Monday

This is going to be another weekly post. Manic Mondays will focus on ways to organize your home, your time and so much more!

This week the focus is on organizing your desk-either home or at work. An organized desk helps to relax you, so you do not stress over what needs to get done or what is missing.

A few simple and helpful tips:
Buy open stackable storage units for under the desk- see through mesh ones work great for me. In them keep items you do not use daily or even weekly. Such as extra paper,books, computer accessories.

For the top of your desk have more mesh organizing units-to hold papers, bills ect. Have one that stands up and has a few slots. This way each slot can have its own purpose (bills, to-do, to file ect)

Also always keep a notebook and a pen on the desk- makes it easy to write down ideas, to do lists and more. Once you take care of an item on the list-cross it off and move on.

By taking a few minutes and organizing your desk once, you will be able to keep up with the organization because everything will not have its own spot.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Funday!?

Sunday Funday (for lack of a better theme name) is going to be a weekly post on my menu plan for the week as well as a recipe of mine :)

Menu Plan: kind of loose at this point but in general
Breakfasts: Special K or Kashi for breakfast with a banana or orange
Lunches: Mushroom soup,Fruit
Snacks: homemade apple sauce
Dinners: savory cracker covered chicken,pasta ect.

The goal is to drink half my weight in ounces of water each day...hopefully I can pull that off!

Here is my homemade bruschetta recipe:
1 loaf of crusty frunch bread cute 1/4inch thick- pan fried until golden brown in EVOO

8plum tomatoes diced with a few tablespoons EVOO and a few splashes of balsamic vinegar


Busy Weekend

I was away all weekend, so I slacked on posts a bit... This week will be back to normal, if not better.

I have a few ideas for the blog, each day will have a themed post!

Also I am so excited to show you my receipts from CVS and especially Rite Aid! $52 worth of items for $8 and I got $5back!