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Monday, August 22, 2011

Recycle Bank- a way to earn coupons for free products and more

I wanted to let you know about Recycle bank, incase you do not already, because it is an excellent way to get high value or even free product coupons with very little effort or time.

One of the ways I get high value coupons, such as $2 off Kashi cereal is by using Recycle bank. Recycle bank is a website that rewards you for recycling, or you can take short quizzes or type in point codes to rack up points to trade in towards coupons, magazine subscriptions or other prizes.

Register (use an email address you use just for freebies ect) and you'll earn 20 points

Take these 1 minute quizes and earn:
Join the eBay Green Team, to get 50 free points.
Go to PET plastic bottles to get 30 free points.
Look for the Miller Quiz to get 10 free points.
Take the Naked Juice quiz to get 30 points

Then you will already have 130 points

Plus there are other games on the site you can play for an extra at least 100 points!

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