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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Use your AAA card to save at retailers

How many people still have a AAA card? I do and I love it!

I've used it once for a road problem (my car ran over some tool and it blew the tire out)
I've also used it for Hotels in Canada and in the U.S. when I travel- the discounts are a great way to help your vacation money go further.

However, my favorite thing to do with the AAA card is go shopping with it. That's right shopping!

Did you know you can use your AAA card at several different retailers?

For example:
  • New York and Company is 15% off everyday
  • The Gap, Banana Republic or Old Navy Outlet stores 10% off everyday
  • T-mobile gives me 11% off my monthly cell phone bill
Plus there are so many more places you can use your card at. Go here and type in your zip code to find local shopping and dining out locations that take AAA.

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