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Thursday, April 21, 2011

This weeks Trip to Rite Aid!

Well, I haven't been to Rite Aid in a few weeks, because really there was nothing that I needed.... Shopping when you do not need anything does not save money, even if you use a coupon :) But I am super excited, because what printed out with my receipt? 10% off everything coupon that I can use until the end of JULY!!!!!! Also a survey for $3 off $15, always nice to have!

I bought:
2- Chocolate dipped Peeps $1.50 each (Happy Easter to my dad!)
1-Shick Intuition Razor $7.99
2- Airwick aerosols B1G1 $1.69
Total= 12.68

Coupons used:
$1 off 2 peeps from here
B1G1 Airwick coupon from 4/17SS
2 off Razor from 3/20SS

Total amount of products bought: $12.68
Total amount of coupons used: $4.39
Total amount out of pocket: $8.29
Total amount of Up+ Rewards for next week: $4 (from Shick razor purchase)
Plus 10% off everything from now until July, on top of coupons!

Now as it stands after 11 weeks of Rite Aid shopping:
Total amount of products bought=$284.64
Total amount out of pocket=$53.68
Total amount of Up rewards=$61
Total Up rewards for next week=$4

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