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Thursday, April 21, 2011

This weeks Trip to CVS

This was a pretty good week at CVS, I still had my gift card from My points, so once again my out of pocket expense was zero (since the gift card did not cost me anything)

I bought:
2- Green Bag tags 99cents each ( for every 4 trips to cvs with this tag you get $1ecb!)
         Got back 99cents ecb each
1- Conttonelle Toilet Paper 18roll package- $8.99 got back $2ecb
1-Schick Quatro razor $8.99, got back $4ecb
2- M&Ms 99cent each
1- Aquafresh kids tooth brush $1
2- Cadbury chocolate bars $1.99 each

Coupons used:
$4 off $20 CVS coupon from email they sent
25cents off 2 M&Ms coupon from CVS coupon scanner machine
$2 off Schick Razor from 4/17SS
50cents off Cottonelle from their website
$1 off 2 M&Ms from 4/17RP
$1 off Aquafresh kids toothbrush from 4/17SS
B1G1 CVS scanner machine coupon for Cadbury Chocolate bars
$8.48 ECB from last week

Total out of pocket:$0-$7.70 was put on my Gift Card though
Total amount of ECB for next week=$7.98

Now as it stands after 6 weeks of CVS shopping:
Total amount of products bought=$114.37
Total amount out of pocket=$19.39
Total amount of ECB received=$31.04
Total ECB's for next week=$7.98

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