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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Daily Blog Post Topics!

I have been thinking long and hard about topics for each day of the week- on top of the other deals I find.

So here is what you can expect each week

Sundays- "Saving for Something Sundays" I will be talking about how am I saving for a new tv, starting this week. As well as ways to save money without missing it from your budget.

Mondays- Will still be "Manic Mondays" with a focus on Organizing your home, self, and more.

Tuesdays- Will also remain "Tidy Tuesdays" with a focus on quick and effective ways to keep your house always company ready.

Wednesdays- Will feature "Wordless Wednesdays" with a fun picture, as well as "Win it Wednesdays" where I will have a giveaway for you! (That starts today and I am thrilled!)

Thursdays- Will be "Thrifty Thursdays" where I will show you my Rite Aid deals of the week as well as an under $5 deal!

Fridays- Will be both "Financial Fridays" where I will have money tips, and well as "Foodie Fridays" where I will share a recipe or a review of a restaurant

Saturdays- Will be "Social Saturdays" where I talk about ways to save when going out to throwing parties!

Be on the look out for our 1st "Win it Wednesday" Tonight!!!!

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