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Friday, February 18, 2011

Financial Friday: How to save money on Pets

I once read that owning a dog can cost an average of $2000 a year! This was shocking to me... not including any vet emergencies I could not see how that kind of money was spent on a dog!

Lets be honest, I spoil my dog- how could I not with that sweet face and how he cries at the door when I leave. He knows guilt better than most children!

When I first got him I would buy the Kong toys, all he ever wanted to play with was stuffed toys/balls

Also I was a first time Dog owner, I thought the poor puppy was starving because what ever I gave him to eat was gone in the blink of an eye... This lead to a chubby puppy!

So I think one of the best things you can do is ask the vet how much does the dog really need to eat.
  I have no doubt that Mitch would eat 5cups of food a day, but he only needs one. Knowing this can save a lot of money on the cost of dog food.

Another way I save money on dog food is by buying it at BJ's or Sam's Club. I can get a 40-50lb bag for $25-$35 compared to a 20lb bag at Petsmart or Target for the same price.

I also use to take him to Petsmart every few weeks for a grooming... at $20 a visit it added up quickly. Now I throw him in the shower and have a pedipaw to cut his nails- it takes no time and costs very little.

Finally the Vet- now let me first say that I like to spend money on things that I feel are a wise investment. Such as the lyme disease shot. This $30 a year shot, could potentially save me $500 if the dog ever got lyme disease. So for me, the cost of the shot is worth it. I am the same way with the kennel cough shot, I would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to things like that.

On a side note- although online pet-med companies may be cheaper, they are not regulated and there for may not actually be giving you the pet-meds you have order.

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