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Sunday, September 25, 2011

When buying more of something is cheaper than buying less...

Circles Checks

Funny story... silly me thought it would be cheaper to just order 25 personal checks instead of ordering 150 of them!

Actually its not that funny at all. I was floored when I priced out 25 checks- $7.95 shipped! Ha not in this lifetime.

Then I found 4checks this site has some super cheap prices on checks. Of course I am going to pay $4 shipped for 150 checks instead of $7.95 for 25 of them.

So if you need checks be sure to check out this deal:
  • Click HERE and select the style you want. ( any of them will get you this price!)
  • Create the checks and add to cart, make sure to not select any of the extras
  • On step 2 you will enter offer code DE0378 and you will see the $4.05 price.
  • Make sure to SELECT “NO” TWICE TO EZSHEILD on the page where you enter the coupon code.
  • Make sure to select the free shipping option.
  • Your total should be $4.05 shipped. If it’s not, make sure you haven’t accidentally added the EZSHEILD

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