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Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Financial and Purchasing goals- week 4 update

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Here are the goals I plan to have finished by the end of this year, I would love to hear your goals as well. I know that sometimes they can be tough, but goals are a great way to stay on budget! These are in no particular order.

1. Add an extra $1000 to my savings account
Because of Ireland- having to take 2 weeks of nonpaid time off from work- I haven't really added to savings. Well thats not totally true. Each day I transfer the change from my checking account to my savings account. Over the past week that has only been 51cents. But its something. Savings will be better once I return and actually get paid!

2. Buy a new 32inch+ Flat Screen for my bedroom
 I was hoping for this for my birthday, but instead I have already gotten some new boots and a Pandora Bracelet and 3 charms- plus the trip to Ireland. Maybe Black Friday will be the day I get a new TV. Nothing wrong with my current one so there really isn't a rush.

3. Save $25+ per week between now and my trip to Ireland for spend money
I didn't save anything this week- mainly because I didn't have any cash on me. So I am going to work next Saturday- and whatever I make will be added to my total plus I will be changing in my change for cash before I go. I think I might end up with about $150 total- More than enough because I do not have to buy anything except what I want when shopping.

 My current total is: $65.

4. Buy a Coach Purse
I actually did this! I love it- it is black on black and so easy to find things in. It was $298 and I paid $117 after sale and coupon!

5. Make sure all credit cards are paid off in full each month
My Victoria Secret card and Capital One card payments are both set up to be paid in full over the next week.

I am going to make these goals happen by:Saving all of the extra money that I do not spend in my budget
Working extra hours when I can
Using coupons/sales to get the best possible price on items I need to buy
Buying only what I need, not what I want

How are you doing with your Financial Goals this week?

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