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Thursday, August 18, 2011

This weeks trip to Walmart

I had a pretty good trip to Walmart this week- so I wanted to share with you what I bought:

JetPuff Stacker Marshmallows $1.25
Hersheys Chocolate Chips $2 (thought it was a great price)
2- Bags of Starburst candies $1.98 each
Planters Peanut butter $1.98
3- Trident gum packs 96cents each

total: $12.07

Coupons used:

2- $1 off Starburst Coupons from here
$1 off JetPuff coupon from here
$1 off Planters Peanut butter from  here
$2 off 3 packs of Trident from 7/24SS

Total out of Pocket $6.07- almost a 50% savings!

Sadly they were out of the trial sized packs of Cascade Action Pacs so I couldnt get any... but check your store for them, and use the $1 off coupon from the 7/31 PG insert to get them free!

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