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Thursday, August 18, 2011

This weeks trip to CVS

I finally went back to CVS, after over 3 weeks of avoiding couponing/shopping in general.

I bought
1 case of Nestle Water $4.59
1 Carmello Bar $1.19
1 Package of CVS bandaids $3.99

Total: $9.77

Coupons used:
 $1ECB from last time
Free Carmello Bar from the CVS coupon machine -$1.19
Free Bandaids from CVS coupon machine -$3.99
=$3.59 out of pocket

Now as it stands after 15 weeks of CVS shopping:
Total amount of products bought=$227.15
Total amount out of pocket=$28.14
Total amount of ECB received=$45.03
Total ECB's for next week=$0

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