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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saving for Something Sunday

Once again it is Sunday- Saving for Something Sunday, as I like to call it.

Sometimes it is very hard to save money, maybe there is just none left at the end of the week. I understand, I know it can happen all of the time no matter how hard you try to not over spend. Things happen and that is ok.

Even though I think saving money should be a priority, I think there are times when you can say ok it didn't happen this week, but next week or even tomorrow is another chance.

Even though it is nice to have a set amount of money going into savings every week, I know its not always practical. But sometimes something is better than nothing at all.... Stay positive, tomorrow is always a new day to be brand new :)

*On a side note, I have been trying to use cash for everything instead of swiping my card-even though that is so much easier. But I love that I get change back and I save it up, when I am going away for the weekend or on a vacation I cash it in for some extra spend money. Its nice because it is money you don't plan for.

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