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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eating what is on hand for the next week

So I think instead of going to the grocery store and buying new groceries, for the next week I am going to see what kind of meals I can come up with from the food that I already have in the house.

This has nothing to do with saving money, but of course that doesn't hurt either.

There was a reason I bought the food I have on hand in the first place, so the goal is to use some of it up and make room for new things. I am also going to see how many recipes I can try or make up for myself!

Day 1:
Today I worked 7:45am-5pm so when I am at work I can eat there
So for dinner I had:
Left over Ribeye from a steakhouse Saturday night
A sweet Potato I cooked a few days ago
Later I will probably have a brownie or popcorn.

*I will be buying milk-but that does not count, neither does free items I get at Rite Aid/Target.

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