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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

First of all I had $6 in Up+ rewards heading into Rite Aid
I bought:
1-Desitin $2.99- used $1off coupon-got back $2 in Up+rewards
2-Oreo Cookies 2/$6- used $1off 2 from here and $1 off 2 from here got back $3 in Up+rewards
2-Butterfingers Snackers 88cents each (you can find a coupon here, I didn't have it on me)
Also had $1off any purchase from here
And I used my $6 in Up+Rewards

My total before all coupons and Up+rewards was $10.89
I paid 89cents out of pocket and got $5 in Up+Rewards to Use next time.

Now as it stands after 4 weeks of Rite Aid shopping:
Total amount of products bought=$102.84
Total amount out of pocket=$18.23
Total amount of Up rewards=$16
Total Up rewards for next week=$5

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