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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saving for Something Sunday

For all of us there is something we always want or even better something we need. And for the most part we are use to just going out and buying it, even though we can't really afford it at the time. It might be an "I want a new tv so I will charge it to my credit card and pay it off when I can" Or in some cases it might be "My child needs new clothes, I have to buy them so I will just charge them and pay them later."

I think that saving money is very important. Having an emergency fund, in my opinion should be a high priority. This way when something major comes up it isn't a question of can I afford it.

I know that saving money isn't always easy. It takes effort and sometimes sacrafices to do it. But the end result of not having to worry about money all the time is worth it.

To help you find money in your own budget check out my Budgeting Series, and see if there are simple changes that you can make that will help you be a better saver.

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