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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Goals: Recap of last week and new goals this week

Last weeks Goals:

  • Add $150 to my savings account -
    • I ended up adding $106.85 to savings, it was a slow work week
  • Save at least $20 for Christmas shopping
    • Like I said, slow work week on the back of being on vacation!
  • Set aside $20 for a new vacuum or TV ( I do not know which one I want more yet!)
    • Once more, slow week on the back of being on vacation. Hopefully next week will be better!

  • Vacuum at least 4 times. (The new vacuum I want is a robot one to replace my broken one)
    • I most certainly did this! Maybe even 5 times. I bought some of that baking soda stuff for floors so I used that a lot this week.
  • Organize the living room closet
    • It is organized- only thing in there that shouldn't be is the items for the Salvation Army.
  • Drop off items to the Salvation Army
    • I wanted to wait until I went through my other two closets before I go and drop off all the items.

  • Workout for 5 hours total (running, elliptical, videoes, etc.)
    • Uh.. yeah this didn't happen. I did download a new app called my fitness pal. It was free and it keeps track of your calories and tells you how many you should eat per day to get to your ideal goal weight. I am the weirdo who doesn't eat enough calories on the days I work, which in turn makes my body starve so when I do eat my body wants to hold onto it.
  • Cook three dishes
    • Oven baked teryaki chicken wings
    • Meat sauce- homemade sauce and lots of ground beef
    • Beef and Barley Soup
      • I made this, but I want to tweek the recipe before sharing.
  • Apply for at least 5 Marketing jobs each day
    • Over the course of the week I am sure I met this goal- now I need one of them to hire me!
  • Work on making the blog easier to navigate ( let me know if you have any suggestions!)
    • I made some improvements to the blog.. and then I bought a .com!!!
I am working hard on the new .com hopefully you will all love it and it will make viewing my site so much easier.

This weeks Goals:

  • Add $150 to savings
  • Save $25 for Chirstmas shopping

  • Go though bedroom closet and find items to donate
  • Drop items off at the Salvation Army
  • Organize Kitchen cabinets ( All the stuff from Ireland was throw in there and I can't stand it!)
  • Make baked Chicken wings
  • Make Scones ( I miss Ireland)

  • Spend 2 hours working out
  • Meet a friend for lunch or dinner

  • Continue to work on the new site .com !
  • Apply for 50 jobs this week

I hope you will join me in setting goals and making progress. I would love to hear what your goals are.

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