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Friday, July 15, 2011

A guide to Budgeting: The Savings Budget

This type of budget is the one I use. I will call it the:
"Savings Budget"

Basically I have a list of every single bill and expense I have such as
Cable, electric, cell phone, rent, car payment, car insurance, gas, general shopping/misc,credit cards.
Then next to each I list the price I pay per month, if it is something like electric that changes slightly every month then I over average. Whenever any of the bills/expenses come in under my budget I move the saved money into my savings account. It could be $2 or it could be $40 doesn't matter, as long as it adds to my savings account.

I also have a set amount of money I need to make each week to cover all of my bills, if I make more than that amount the money goes straight into savings.

This type of budget works really well for me!

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