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Friday, July 15, 2011

0% down- a good or bad deal?

This weeks post on Financial Friday has to deal with when to finance certain purchases.

You hear all the time about Furniture Stores offering no payments and no interest for so long, but you think it is a scam or too good to be true. This kind of Financing, in my opinion, is an excellent choice. You are not paying any extra money, yet you can spread out your payments over a few months or a year. If you already have the cash set aside to buy a new couch for example you could keep that money in your checking or savings account and let it grow interest while you make interest free payments over a set amount of time.

Also be careful, just because you do not have to make any payments for a few months or a year does not mean that the day won't come where you do have to pay. Take the time you have without payments to put money aside. I will always pick quality over price when it comes to big ticket items, because you want something that will last a long time not something that looks nice for just the time being.

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