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Thursday, June 2, 2011

This week and last weeks trip to Walgreens!

I am a little behind on this so last week and this weeks trips to Walgreens are in this post:

Last week I bought:
3 Hunts tomato sauce 3/$1 with in ad coupon
3 GM cereals $1.99 each
1 Cottonelle Fresh Wipes $2.50
1 Similac Formula $4.49
2 Butterfingers 69cents each
1 Bayer $2.99
Total: $18.33

Coupons used ( I do not remember them all since it was over a week ago-sorry!)
Walgreens in ad coupon for 20cents off of butterfinger- took 40cents off in total
$1/3 General Mills cereal coupon-from 3/13 SS maybe?!?
$5 off Similac coupon (now expired)
Free Cottonelle coupon from their site promotion a few weeks ago
$1 off Bayer coupon
50cents off butterfinger coupon?
Total out of pocket: $8.44

This weeks trip:
I bought:
2 Icy Hot naturals cream 99cents each
Rice Krispies Cereal $1.99
Total: $3.97

Coupons used:
2- $1 off Icy Hot coupon from 5/1 SS
Total out of pocket $1.97 got back 99cents in Register Rewards for buying Icy Hot

So after 6 weeks of Walgreens shopping
Total amount of products bought:$102.86
Total amount out of pocket: $30.50
Total Register Rewards:$7.99
Register Rewards for next week: $.99

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