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Monday, October 10, 2011

Finding lost money...

Did you ever hear of a website called Basically it is a government website that you can go to a do a search of yourself or family members. Then if there is any money out there it will find it for you.

For example:

  • Savings or checking accounts- balances you forgot about
  • Stocks
  • Payroll checks
  • Refunds
  • Insurance payments or refunds and life insurance policies
  • Customer overpayments
  • Utility security deposits
 I went on this site about a week ago and found $39 from Citi Bank- I had overpaid a credit card and did not know. It was a card I canceled years ago. My cousin also has a check for a few hundred dollars- an old payroll check that he never got.
It is worth checking out I think!
Let me know if you find any lost money!

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