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Monday, September 19, 2011

Update on no grocery shopping this month

I have been really good about no grocery shopping. I did go to Price Chopper because I needed milk. While I was there I figured I would grab a few things that I was getting free with coupons. I thought that was allowed! I got a free package of hot dogs- had a coupon from a Facebook offer. I also bought Jelly, onsale for $1, used 75cents off- coupon doubled giving me 50cents in overage. That 50cents went towards the bread that I got for 68 cents with coupon. So basically besides milk I paid 18cents. I think that is ok!

What I cooked:
  • Monkey Bread this weekend
  • Boiled some eggs to make deviled eggs with
  • Had a Lean Cusine from the freezer
  • Spinach with garlic

Had just random things around the house and thats what I ate, nothing really special.

I also cleaned out the fridge. I hate that I have to throw food away some times. This time it was 2 tomatoes, half a bag of lettuce and 1/4lb of Turkey. Probably $5 worth of stuff.

I am frustrated- but determited no shopping unless it is like what I did this week.

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