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Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Financial and Purchasing Goals for the rest of 2011- week 2

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Here are the goals I plan to have finished by the end of this year, I would love to hear your goals as well. I know that sometimes they can be tough, but goals are a great way to stay on budget! These are in no particular order.

1. Add an extra $1000 to my savings account (I won't be mad if I am able to add more!)
I did not add any money to my savings this week- I wasn't able to work as many hours as normal because my boss was on vacation. So I had to work just side jobs all week. I am bummed about this

2. Buy a new 32inch+ Flat Screen for my bedroom
I dropped the hint to my mom today that I want this for my birthday. We will see though, I am in no big rush until I move honestly.

3. Save $25+ per week between now and my trip to Ireland for spend money
I was able to save $35 this week. I leave on October 3rd. I am also saving all of my change between now and then, hopefully I'll be able to add an extra $20 or so that way.
Total amount saved so far: $35

4. Buy a steam carpet cleaner

I am actually going to change this to Buy a new Coach purse. I have been thinking about it and since I plan on moving this might not be the best purchase to make until I know for sure I will have carpets when I move. I am going to probably buy myself the Coach bag for my birthday this month, at the Coach Outlet store and use a 30% off coupon.

5. Make sure all credit cards are paid off in full each month

Paid my Capital One card in total- I don't plan on charging anything on it for a while.

I am going to make these goals happen by:

Saving all of the extra money that I do not spend in my budget
Working extra hours when I can
Using coupons/sales to get the best possible price on items I need to buy
Buying only what I need, not what I want

How are you doing with your Financial Goals this week?

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