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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Free Glasses-I got $128 Bebe glasses for $15shipped!

I have posted about Coastal Contacts before, and how they have coupon codes for free glasses all the time.. but I have been dragging my feet on it. Well this morning I woke and and said I'm going to do it.

As you may have read I love new glasses- what do I love more than glasses? High End glasses- this is why I was dragging my feet- I figured the brands would be unknown! That was not true at all.. of course the super high brands like Fendi you can not use the coupon code on. But I was able to get these cute Bebe Glasses $128- for free. I just had to pay shipping, handling and insurance for a total of $15!

You can do it too just go to the Coastal Contacts Facebook page and click on the FREE GLASSES tab to get your code for your free glasses- then start shopping!

Let me know if you get anything! I have heard nothing but positive things about this site!

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